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Our tips are smart and useful. They're smart because they see things from a different perspective and suggest clever solutions and useful because they can be used in a number of circumstances whether there are problems or not. Take a look of our tips! They are written in a simple way. Click here and find the best tips about garage door maintenance. Read some new ideas and learn more about garage doors. Fabulous solutions to everyday garage door problems! You will find our tips easy to follow and very practical.

  • Replacing springs

    Springs are one of the most important parts of a garage door, and replacing broken springs cannot be done by everyone. DIY repairs can mean safety problems or poorly installed springs. Also, if your door comes with two springs, replace both at the same time. Even if the other spring is still okay, the differences between the two could affect the balance of the door and the performance of the newer spring.

  • Never leave the remote in the car

    If you park outside or in parking lots, avoiding having the garage door clicker in plain view! People have broken into cars for much less. It's best to keep it hidden or even better carry it with you. At home, it's best to keep it in the main house.

  • Noisy garage doors

    Garage doors are likely to make a lot of noise if they have not been lubricated for a long time. Our technicians in Oakland instruct homeowners to use a light Lithium or silicone spray to lubricate hinges, rollers, ball bearings and top of the chain rail. Door tracks and springs need not be lubricated.

  • How to prepare your garage door for the winter

    To prepare your garage door for harsh winter conditions, it is highly advised to clean the door’s exterior with the use of a mixture containing a mild detergent and water. Use the mixture all over the door and thoroughly rinse it. Afterwards, apply car wax for added protection against rain and rust.

  • Choose galvanized tracks

    Back in the day, garage door tracks were solely made of plain steel while today you can find them in galvanized materials as well. They're more expensive but they are worth it according to Garage Door Repair Oakland. They will last longer and never rust. Plain steel will erode and produce bad, loud noises, so you'll have to replace them sooner.

  • Clean the snow around the door

    During the winter the garage door might be trapped behind a small mountain of snow. This way, you won't be able to move in or out and during extremely cold days, the snow will freeze and won't allow you to open the door at all. Shovel the snow and activate the garage door opener.

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