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Garage Door Springs

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In addition to cables, tracks, and doors, garage door systems also involve springs. There are two main types of garage door springs in Oakland to choose from, including torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are mounted on the header above a garage door, and are wound springs. They provide a balanced tension, giving a smooth motion to the door. Extension springs can expand and contract, on the other hand, and are placed on either side of the overhead garage door track to help assist in the lift of the door. Both are useful for different types of doors, so it's important to take each property's needs into consideration.Garage Door Springs in California

Our dedication to our clients knows no limits. We are here to install new garage doors and service, repair and maintain existing ones. Everyone can be sure of our capabilities to provide great residential garage door repair services with great professionalism, accuracy and efficiency. We specialize in garage door opener repair, maintenance and inspections and guarantee to take care of related problems fast. When there is something urgently wrong with your door, customers can rely on us for same day service. We maintain, replace and install garage doors and have the expertise to fix any problem associated with any part. Clients can trust our team for immediate and proper troubleshooting. We repair the system so that it can last longer and operate with safety.

There are numerous repairs and services that can be undertaken to help improve and fix garage door springs in Oakland. These include the following:

* Spring Repair

* Torsion Spring Repair

* Extension Springs repair

* Fix garage door spring

* Replace torsion spring

* Broken spring replacement

* Broken spring repair

When the existing springs are beyond repair, or if they have snapped, it's possible to simply replace them with new springs instead.

Broken spring replacement

It's not recommended to try and replace or repair these Oakland garage door springs on your own, unless you specifically have experience working with garage doors. It can be quite dangerous to work with spring loaded doors, which can fall suddenly and lead to injury. Instead, whether you need emergency care services or simple maintenance checks, you can utilize the services of our team of licensed, bonded, and certified contractors. This will ensure that the spring repair and replacement will go smoothly, putting your garage doors back in top working order.

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