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For fast, friendly garage door service and repairs, our professionals are the ones to call. Take a look below at our new FAQ page to read some of our useful and informative answers to many of today's most common customer questions!

  • My garage door seems to let water in when it rains, what can I do?

    The most likely issue causing this is damage to the weather seals at the base of the door and on the sides. If this seal gets ripped off, loose or damaged, it becomes possible for rain to leak in through the gaps. Have a check and replace the seal if needed.

  • What is garage door rolling technology?

    This is a new addition to existing garage door software packages  - it operates by generating unique access codes each time the door gets triggered to open or close. This makes it harder for outside intruders to clone your code and gain access. It's a great security feature that we install for clients looking for maximum security.

  • Which garage doors require less maintenance?

    Garage door maintenance is important for all systems. That said, wood requires a lot of attention to prevent it from rotting and aluminum overhead doors will likely need repairs when dented. Doors made of composite lumber usually need less attention since the material is more resistant to stains, scratches, and rot. Similarly, galvanized materials don't require much in the way of maintenance.

  • Why should I refrain from handling my springs?

    You should refrain from attempting to fix spring related problems on your own for safety reasons. These components are pent up with tremendous energy and trying to release this force all of a sudden might be dangerous. They might well snap and injure you!

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